Cultuur historische Groepsreis Zuid-Afrika


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What makes this Pad Vat trip unique?

Many Dutch people who travel to South Africa choose the Kruger National Park in the
northeast and the Western Cape Peninsula in southwestern South Africa.

In doing so, they skip the heartland in the middle.
While for lovers of culture and history there is a wealth of impressions and
encounters awaits discovery.

This trip with Pad Vat also offers nature experience in a National Park with the Big Five and the
flair of the cosmopolitan Western Cape.
But where other journeys go through the South African heartland as quickly as possible, Pad slows down
Catch the pace right there.

Along the way in country towns we meet people who take the time to show us their surroundings
and their stories too
narrate. Pad Vat also takes the time for that.

More information:
Your safety and comfort are paramount on our Pad Vat journey. so that you can enjoy your trip worry-free
enjoy and collect impressions that you will never forget.

You will therefore be accompanied along the way by Michiel van Dam, author of the Pad Vat series of articles,
Johan Kriek, owner of travel agency ZATRAX that specializes in nature experiences off the beaten
track in Southern Africa and a driver.

Distances are longer, temperatures are higher in South Africa than usual in the Netherlands. We
therefore make the group trip with a comfortable bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter 19-seater or equivalent
thereof), air-conditioned.

The travel group consists of a minimum of eight and a maximum of 14 people, in addition to three guides.

The travel sum includes all activities mentioned in the travel description, overnight stays (based on
two persons in a double room*1) and meals.
Round trip flight*2), most lunches, drinks other than meals, tips and others
personal expenses are not included.

All meetings, activities and accommodations mentioned in the program can be canceled due to force majeure
changed at the last minute through no fault of our own. That’s not what Pad Vat is for
responsible. Of course we try to offer the best possible alternative.

Do you have allergies, dietary requirements or other questions? Contact us!

*1 Ask us for single room rates, if available.
*2 Each fellow traveler can therefore choose travel dates, airline and route and desired class
determine on board.

Do you want to ask us something? Then click here. We’d love to hear from you.
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